Kuan Kung Kuan Kung – Protection against all EvilKuan Kung was one of the most famous war generals in the history of China. He is perceived as one of China’s finest military heroes and is also known as the God of war. His image can be found in homes, offices and business premises all over the orient. He represents power, strength, integrity and honor.
Kuan Kung is not only the protector but his presence will elevate your status, fortune and confidence. He is feared by the evil power. Kuan Kung protects the righteous and defends the innocent and is usually shown having a red face. His most powerful weapon is “Kuan Dao” meaning the battle knife and it usually has a dragon carved on it.

Kuan Kung is one of the most powerful and auspicious figurines to have around the house or office.

• Display his image on the wall facing the entrance door. This will prevent evil forces from entering the premises.
• Kuan Kung can prove to be most powerful if his image is placed in the north western corner of the house. This activates mentor luck that will help you get support of others.
• At work, place the image behind where you sit. This is suitable for managers, leaders, executives and politicians. Also when he is behind you, this powerful protector keeps away backstabbers and deceivers.
• For businessmen the Kuan Kung is a must at the workplace. It should be placed on the wall before the entrance. Kuan Kung protects the entity from fraud and embezzlement. It promotes loyalty and ensures smooth sailing. It helps business prosper against overwhelming odds. Kuan Kung can even be placed in the office area to promote unity, loyalty and honesty among employees.
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